Amy writes freelance articles as well as being available for features and comments on body image, beauty industry, ethical profit, inclusion and business.


A rebel with a voice… 

Amy is an ex-police detective turned award winning Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist who has over ten years experience in the beauty industry. She is a bestselling author with her book, The Body Confidence Masterplan and podcast show host of “I am a beauty rebel” – a signposting and support show for beauty industry professionals to help themselves and clients with issues that affect life, happiness and mental health and wellbeing. After years of conversations with clients across the treatment chair Amy has seen first hand how body image issues and low self – esteem affects all kinds of people. She now runs a multi-layered coaching business that teaches beauty professionals how to run an ethical, inclusive and body positive beauty business and that helps their clients learn to be confident in their bodies and improve their self-esteem

Amys stories & presentations
“The Body Confidence Masterplan” – How you can create a body positive world around you to improve your confidence & self-esteem. Amy has dealt with her own body image issues and disordered eating since age 19 and can talk from a personal perspective aswell as a coaching perspective.
“It’s time for a Beauty Rebellion” – Why the beauty industry needs to be more ethical, inclusive and body positive and how you can be a driver of that change.
“Why empathy is the key ingredient to growing your business” – The beauty business inclusion cycle.
Available as keynote speaker and 1/2 or full day workshops
“Amy took us on a journey through her book, sharing some of her experiences and some power tools to help with our body confidence and mindset. I resonated with so much of what she said. Watch out for this amazing lady. She is about to change the beauty world for the better” (Ali Swift – Author of Your Wellness Toolbox)

“Amy is a very interesting lady. I have suffered with a lack of body confidence pretty much my whole life. Listening to Amy was just amazing. So many similar experiences and feelings around body image, self-confidence, relationships with food and always being on a diet.” (Amy Trappett)


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