Terms & Conditions


You have registered to be an affiliate of the Beauty Rebellion. This means that you will promote beauty Rebellion products and digital courses to your clients/customers and you will get paid a commission specified with each individual product for recommending those products and digital services.

All products and digital services are the property and intellectual property of Amy Bates and The Beauty Rebellion and should not be shared as your own or as your business.
The individual link you have been given should be given to your clients/customers to track any sales they make from it. If you believe a client/customer has purchased a product and you have not been credited with that sale you must notify the beauty rebellion within 21 days from the date of purchase with the client/customer name and consideration will be given for that sale to be credited to you.
You will receive any commission owed to you on 10th day of each month via Paypal. Make sure that you have notified the Beauty Rebellion of your Paypal email address for payment. You do not have to connect paypal to Thrivecart, you must email direct to amy@beautyrebellion.co.uk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that this information is provided.
Within the training portal are documents you can edit to create posters and leaflets for your clients/customers if you wish.
The Beauty Rebellion is responsible for fulfilling any customer orders and customer service enquiries will be managed by The beauty rebellion. Thrivecart is a secure payment site and customer payment details will be taken directly through this software.
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