It is time to revolutionise the spa & wellness industry and lead the way for the beauty industry!

Imagine a spa experience that leaves visitors feeling empowered and confident in their bodies whatever they may look like. 
The Beauty Rebellion offers a training and consultancy service for Spa Businesses that delivers training to your therapists who are face to face with clients & develop marketing & service delivery strategy to reach diverse, new clients to welcome to your spas.
Now, more than ever, the need for social responsibility in business is a non-negotiable. Creating an environment that is safe, inclusive and accessible is the best way to open the door to new and returning clients and maximise client referral.  You can be a leader in the beauty industry to drive change and empower clients to know that they are absolutely worth investing in themselves.


Unlock the Power of Body Positivity for Your Spa or Salon

Are you a spa or salon seeking to create transformative experiences for your clients?

Do you want to promote a sense of body confidence and self-love within your spa practice and culture?

Welcome to “The Body Positive Practitioner,” where we equip you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset to revolutionise your role in the beauty industry.  This course is a source of empowerment for both your team and your clients and an income generator for your business. 

Imagine a spa or salon where clients don’t just receive a massage or facial but embark on a journey of self-love and confidence. The Body Positive Practitioner Course equips your therapists with the skills to create an atmosphere that promotes body acceptance, fostering a unique and memorable experience for your clients.

Clients return where they feel seen, appreciated, and cared for. Our course not only enhances technical skills but also instills a mindset that resonates with clients. A positive body image environment contributes to higher satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring a steady stream of repeat business.

Get the competitive edge: In an industry where personal connection is key, offering a body-positive approach sets you apart. Spa managers and salon owners investing in this course signal to clients that their establishment goes beyond beauty treatments – it’s a sanctuary for self-love and empowerment.

Beyond mastering the art of beauty treatments, you and your staff will acquire skills that transcend the physical. The course empowers them to create an uplifting space, fostering genuine connections with clients. This holistic approach builds a loyal clientele for your salon.

A team trained in body positivity is a happier and more cohesive one. Investing in the well-being and self-confidence of your staff not only boosts morale but also promotes a positive work environment, reducing turnover and enhancing overall job satisfaction.

Satisfied clients become brand advocates. The ripple effect of a positive experience at your salon or spa extends to word-of-mouth referrals, bolstering your reputation in the community. Moreover, your salon becomes a force for positive change, contributing to a culture of body acceptance.

Elevate your spa or salon to new heights with The Body Positive Practitioner Course – where beauty meets confidence, and self-love becomes a standard practice.

Send an enquiry form below to Amy to get The Body Positive Practitioner Programme into your spa today!


    A Holistic Approach to body confidence and self-empowerment


    This revolutionary methodology is a collaboration between Tribe 517 & The Beauty Rebellion. It introduces a transformative spa experience that encompasses the treatment, specialised products, and dedicated aftercare support. It’s a complete journey of self-empowerment and self-love that sets your spa apart and elevates your clients’ well-being.

    The S.E.L.F Method isn’t just a spa treatment; it’s a comprehensive journey. It starts with a spa experience that fosters inner strength, empowerment, liberation, and fearlessness. But it doesn’t end there.

    The collection of specialised products from Tribe 517 enhances the spa experience, amplifying its transformative effects. These products are designed to nurture both body and mind, promoting self-confidence and self-love and are combined with a unique treatment experience that focuses on client body confidence.

    Followed by a revolutionary aftercare experience of body confidence tools and emotional well-being support.

    Let us know if you would like more information about bringing The S.E.L.F Method to your spa on the contact form below


    It has never been more important to create a spa that is inclusive for everyone.  There is a huge source of disposable income not being spent in spas by  those living with physical disabilities because they dont feel confident they can access your facilities with ease. There is an opportunity to open your doors to neurodivergent clients and provide an opportunity to experience the spa in a way that minimises sensory overload and enhances calm. Imagine a spa experience that allows LGBTQIA+ visitors to feel welcome, safe and valued and a variety of race and religions to feel understood and represented.

    There is a huge network of clients who do not use your services because they do not feel seen, valued or understood by our industry. 

    Amy will help you discover the power of inclusion and gain a deep understanding of why it is the cornerstone of modern beauty and how it can elevate your brand.

    You will be able to unlock profitable and practical strategies to boost profits, increase client spending, and enhance client retention through an inclusive approach.

    As a company your can challenge traditional beauty industry norms and reshape your culture and service delivery.

    You will transform your business by implementing actionable insights, personalised coaching, and inclusion audits to create an inclusive, body-positive  business.

    Send an enquiry below to Amy to find out how The Beauty Rebellion can help your Spa business today. 

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      We are here to make a difference, to live in a world where social impact and inclusion is at the forefront of beauty business owners minds.



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