I never get bored of hearing stories of women from ordinary places having big dreams and smashing them! And this week its been no different when I had the chance to interview one of my previous business mentors Susan Routledge who is the owner of Finishing Touch Clinic, the largest salon in the North East and has a whole host of awards in its display cabinet.
“I had big dreams. I was watching all the big city clinics win awards and wanted to do that!” She did just that.
So after a rubbish year for our industry and as we come out of the second national lockdown, what a perfect time to discuss how to make sure your diary is full for next year with clients you want who appreciate you, your time and your experience and want to pay what you are worth.
Keep in touch with your clients
First things first, make sure you are keeping in touch with your clients. The pandemic has created some unusual feelings for your clients and it important that they feel confident and comfortable returning to treatments and face to face contact. Use the phone and talk to them. If they haven’t booked back in then giving them a call to check in with them and explain the situation they can expect on return will make sure that when they are ready its you they are coming back to. And for those that are booked in it will ensure that they don’t let you down and miss appointments that are so valuable as you reopen.
Create a busy diary
Start a new culture in your business where you and your clients are working 6 months ahead with your diaries. If you book them one appointment in advance or 6 appointments in advance most of them will appreciate the opportunity to be organised and get their favourite appointment times. Think about the times that you are working. With more people working from home there is a lot more flexibility in peoples diaries for daytime appointments. So choose your hours and start the new year with a new plan that suits your life. Treat every week as if it was Christmas week where you expect to be fully booked and your clients treats the appointment like gold dust. Scarecity creates urgency.
Susan has a client, a hairdressers who runs their entire booking system like this. It works so effectively that they don’t have an online booking system, they are booked a year ahead and they don’t even sell gift vouchers for non clients because they know they cant fit anyone else in. What an amazing position to be in. And that works whether you are a salon with twenty staff or working on your own from home. A full diary gives you confidence in your income and will make 2021 a lot nicer for you.
Book multiple treatments
The more treatments a client has with you, the more likely they are to stay with you. Infact if a client has 4 treatments with you regularly you can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to have that person as a client for life. So use your appointment time wisely to upsell treatments that will work well for them. Offer mini taster sessions as part of their main appointment. Imagine not having to feel like you are constantly chasing new clients because your diary is full of returning, regular, reliable customers. Take the pressure off.
Plan your goals
What do you want from 2021? What does your business look like? And what kind of lifestyle do you want? Spending some time during the Christmas break planning your business goals will help you focus on them and put plans in place to achieve them. Do you do a vision board? Now more than ever after this year you should get super visual with what things you want to do and achieve and start the year with a super high vibe.

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Quote of the week
“If you think you can, or you think you cant, you’re right!”
Make 2021 the year you get the business you want and deserve. These last few months have taught me more than ever that it is your mindset that determines how successful you are. Yes it takes hard work and commitment but its also belief in what you are capable of. And you are capable of so much!
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