Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy


The Beauty Rebellion is striving to create a culture in the beauty industry that embraces diversity in all its forms, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, body, gender identity, or needs, is treated with respect and provided with equal access to beauty services, to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and empowered.

For years, we have listened to our client’s express criticism and worry about their bodies, and have seen first hand the negative effects the beauty industry can have on body image. Our goal is promoting a healthier and more accepting perspective on beauty that prioritises ethical practices while still achieving profitability.

We have actively sought to learn from individuals living with additional needs, as well as trans and non-binary people, those living in bigger bodies and marginalised bodies about their unique experiences when accessing beauty services. We are an active ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Through this education, we are passionate about ensuring that every person who accesses beauty services feels safe, seen, valued, and heard. We are committed to ongoing education, learning and listening to continuously improve our understanding and inclusivity.



This policy sets out how Beauty Rebellion approaches equality, diversity and inclusion within its culture. The scope of the policy extends to all those we work with through employment, service delivery and contracting.

We are committed to being an inclusive company that actively seeks to support diverse, marginalised and minority groups in the development and delivery of our services. In doing so we work within the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act 2004.


To keep it simple, we want to live in a world that is kind and understanding. And to do that we need leaders to show a different way. We aim to be one of those leaders, to raise the standards and set the bar higher so that nobody has to feel excluded, unseen or unsafe. After ten years working as a police officer, Amy has always had the desire to look after people and be a voice for those that need help. There are many ways to achieve that and the Beauty Rebellion is committed to being an ally to those who need it most. 


We will not tolerate any behavior that contradicts our inclusion statement and will actively work to eradicate bullying, harassment and discrimination which have no place within our spaces.

If you have any concerns about behavior, our policy, organisation values for inclusion and diversity you can raise these via info@beautyrebellion.co.uk 


At Beauty Rebellion, we are dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all individuals, regardless of their needs or preferences. We want to ensure accessibility across all aspects of our services, both in-person and online. We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for face-to-face services and events. We believe that everyone should have equal access to our products and services. To achieve this, we have implemented the following measures:

For Face to Face Services

At Beauty Rebellion, we are committed to providing accessible and inclusive face-to-face training and consultancy services. We strive to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their needs or specific requirements, can fully participate in and benefit from our offerings. Here are things we commit to doing:

Accessibility Assessment: We conduct regular assessments of our training and consultancy facilities to identify and address any potential accessibility barriers. We take into consideration factors such as physical access, mobility aids, seating arrangements, lighting, and sound.

Reasonable Adjustments: We are dedicated to making reasonable adjustments to accommodate individuals with specific needs. We encourage open communication and welcome participants to inform us of any required adjustments in advance, enabling us to provide appropriate support and ensure an inclusive experience.

Venue Selection: We choose venues for our training and consultancy services with accessibility and inclusion in mind. Whenever possible, we select venues that offer accessible parking, ramps or elevators, accessible restrooms, and appropriate seating arrangements for individuals with disabilities. We choose venues that will provide gender neutral facilities.

Communication Support: We strive to provide effective communication support for participants with additional hearing needs, communication needs, or other communication-related challenges. This may include providing sign language interpreters, captioning services, or assistive listening devices upon request.

Materials and Formats: We ensure that all training and consultancy materials are available in accessible formats. This includes providing printed materials in large print or braille upon request. Additionally, we strive to use plain language and clear visuals to enhance understanding for all participants.

Feedback and Improvement: We actively seek feedback from participants regarding the accessibility of our services. We encourage individuals to share their experiences and suggestions for improvement. This feedback is valuable in helping us identify areas where we can enhance accessibility and make necessary adjustments.

Continuous Education and Awareness: We provide ongoing training and education to our team members to ensure they are knowledgeable about accessibility considerations and best practices. We foster an inclusive culture that values diversity and promotes understanding and respect for all participants.

Compliance with Applicable Regulations: We comply with all relevant accessibility laws and regulations, striving to exceed the minimum requirements wherever possible. We regularly review and update our policies and practices to ensure continued compliance with accessibility standards.

Encourage you to communicate: When you engage with our face-to-face or online services, we encourage you to communicate any specific accessibility needs or sensory processing requirements. By requesting this information, we can better understand and accommodate your unique needs, creating an inclusive and comfortable experience for you.

We are committed to continuously improving our accessibility initiatives and welcome feedback from clients and participants. If you have any suggestions or encounter any accessibility barriers during our face-to-face training and consultancy services, please contact us. Together, we can create an inclusive and accessible environment where everyone can fully engage and benefit from our offerings.

For Online Services

Plain Text Downloads: We provide plain text downloads for all our products and services. This ensures that individuals who use assistive technologies or have visual support needs can access the information without any barriers.

Alt Text for E-Reader Software: We understand the importance of providing alternative text descriptions for images. All images  are accompanied by alt text, allowing visually impaired individuals to understand the content and context of the images.

Plain Text for Small Text on Packaging: We recognise that small text on packaging can be difficult to read for some individuals. To enhance accessibility, we ensure that all small text written on our packaging is also available in plain text format, making it easily readable for everyone.

Audio Versions and Subtitles/Plain Text for Video and Audio: We believe in providing multiple formats for our written content and media. Therefore, we offer audio versions of written documents for those who prefer auditory information. Additionally, all our videos and audio content are captioned and accompanied by plain text versions, guaranteeing accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments or those who prefer written formats. 

Our commitment to inclusion extends to the language we use. We employ inclusive language throughout our online content, ensuring that everyone feels respected and included. By using inclusive language, we aim to create a space that celebrates and embraces the diversity of our audience.

To further enhance accessibility on our website, we have implemented an accessibility plugin. This plugin enables users to customize their browsing experience according to their specific accessibility requirements, allowing them to adjust settings such as text size, color contrast, and screen reader compatibility.


Actively Inclusive Clothing: Our clothing collection is designed with inclusivity in mind. We offer a range of gender-neutral clothing options that cater to diverse preferences and body types. Our goal is to create a comfortable and inclusive environment where everyone can express themselves authentically.

Best Range of Sizing: We understand that individuals come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why we strive to offer the best range of sizing options for our clothing line. We are dedicated to providing a diverse selection of sizes that fit comfortably.

We value feedback and suggestions from our community as we strive to improve our accessibility initiatives continually. If you encounter any barriers or have recommendations for enhancing accessibility on our website or during face-to-face interactions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can create an inclusive and accessible space that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of each individual.


Inclusion Strategy

Our commitment for 2023-2026 will ensure:

Year 1:

Staff Training and Development: Implement comprehensive inclusion and diversity training programs for any new staff members, including awareness of unconscious biases, cultural sensitivity, and disability awareness. This training will ensure that our team members have the necessary knowledge and skills to create an inclusive environment.

Partner Engagement: Develop a comprehensive inclusion policy that outlines our expectations for partners and suppliers in terms of diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity. Regularly communicate and collaborate with partners to ensure alignment with our inclusion values and encourage their participation in inclusive practices.

Expanded Accessible Training & Podcasts: Enhance the accessibility of our training courses by providing alternative formats, such as audio descriptions, closed captions, and transcripts. Engage with participants prior to the training to understand their specific accessibility needs and make reasonable adjustments to ensure equal access for all.

Year 2:

Extended Size Range: Continue to expand the range of sizes offered in our clothing line, ensuring that a diverse range of body types is catered to. Regularly review market trends and customer feedback to identify opportunities for further size inclusivity and work with manufacturers to source inclusive sizing options.

Community Outreach: Strengthen ties with local organizations and communities representing individuals with disabilities, diverse genders, ethnicities, and other underrepresented groups. Collaborate on initiatives that promote inclusivity and offer volunteer opportunities to our staff members, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse experiences.

Collaborative Research and Development: Engage in research and development initiatives focused on inclusive beauty and spa practices. Collaborate with experts, consultants, and diverse communities to gain insights and co-create innovative solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of underrepresented groups.

Year 3:

Continuous Training and Education: Provide ongoing training and education for staff members to reinforce inclusivity practices, address evolving challenges, and stay informed about the latest information about diversity and inclusion. This includes attending conferences, workshops, and webinars focused on diversity and accessibility.

Customer Feedback Channels: Implement feedback mechanisms, such as surveys, suggestion boxes, and online platforms, to actively seek input from customers and clients regarding their experiences with our services. Regularly review and analyse feedback to identify areas for improvement and prioritise enhancements based on customer needs.

Inclusive Marketing and Advertising: Ensure that our marketing materials, campaigns, and online presence reflect diversity and inclusivity. Use a wide range of models and representations across different backgrounds, abilities, genders, ages, races, and sizes to convey an inclusive image of beauty and promote a sense of belonging for all.

This inclusion plan provides a roadmap for Beauty Rebellion to continually enhance its commitment to inclusivity over the next three years. By prioritising staff training, partner engagement, accessibility, size inclusivity, community outreach work, continuous education, customer feedback, research, and inclusive marketing, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued, represented, and welcomed.


We know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to inclusion and accessibility and that it’s an evolving process. If there’s something you have found on our website, social media or within our services that hasn’t worked well for you, or you think we can improve, we want to know about it!

We also welcome the chance to answer any specific questions or to work together on making reasonable adjustments to support you.

So, if you find yourself in need or want to share something with us, please contact us via info@beautyrebellion.co.uk

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