Amy, the award winning Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist is now a podcast host, professional speaker and bestselling author.

Amy is an ex-police detective turned award winning Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist who has over eleven years experience in the beauty industry. She is a bestselling author with her book, The Body Confidence Masterplan and podcast show host of “I am a beauty rebel” – a signposting and support show for beauty industry professionals to help themselves and clients with issues that affect life, happiness and mental health and wellbeing.


After 11 years of conversations with clients across the treatment chair Amy has seen first hand how body image issues and low self – esteem affects all kinds of people including herself. The Beauty Rebellion is a movement to change the way the world sees beauty and the way individuals feel about themselves. The Beauty Rebellion is a movement and a multi-layered coaching business. It helps individuals with their body image and emotional wellbeing aswell as that teaches beauty professionals how to run an ethical, inclusive and body positive beauty business and help their clients learn to be confident in their bodies. Her passion lies with helping people to see their true value as a person and to understand that our bodies do not dictate how happy we can be.

“Clients will remember how we make them feel and business needs to be about more than just profit! As an industry we must set an example how ethics and profit are not mutually exclusive”


But her mission is to really drive change in an industry that contributes to those insecurities and body image issues by making it more aware of the impact it has on mental health and what positive changes it can make to start a ripple effect of growing self-love and self-worth amongst its service users. 
The Rebellion has evolved into educating beauty professionals in building clients self-esteem and having a positive impact on body positivity through better education and representation. Check out the beauty business development section for more details on how the beauty rebellion can help you.   
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We are here to make a difference, to live in a world where social impact and inclusion is at the forefront of beauty business owners minds.



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