Meditation has changed my life this year! But I find the work meditation conjures up all sorts of images for people that involve long periods of sitting down cross legged with thumb and pointy finger making friends, monks on mountain tops, hardcore yoga sessions or hand holding in the forest whilst bunnies hop around and you bathe in the sun creeping through the trees. Which would instantly put most busy people off. So lets get real about what meditation actually is!
“Meditation is a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment whilst calmly acknowledging your feelings, thoughts and body sensations!”
So the first thing I want to do is change the word Meditation and replace it with Quiet Brain Time. (QBT) Its not to much to ask for to be allowed some time with your brain and your thoughts each day and I really urge find five minutes each day for it. Don’t laugh, I know you are busy but trust me the benefits for you and your business will make you want to do it, even get a little addicted to it! Here are 8 reasons it can benefit you and your business:
1. QBT is proven to help reduce anxiety so you can improve the way you are feeling on a day to day basis
2. It improves creativity – imagine the makeup and nail designs you can come up with or the awesome client packages you could put together
3. It can reverse the signs of ageing which I know everyone wants on a daily basis
4. It improves focus so you can get through those sets of lashes easier
5. It can help to reduce cravings which is important so you can be on a good eating routine to keep your energy levels up and you healthy.
6. It improves productivity so you can be more efficient with you time
7. It helps you process your emotions which is important to avoid any major meltdowns
8. It can improve sleep and you need to be resting well to keep you in a good place for your business to run effectively.
My favourite thing about all of the skills you learn and improve whilst practicing QBT is that you will learn just how good it is for you. And you will be able to pass these ideas onto your clients. Which in turn means they will get all these benefits too.
So how can you do it? I love an app to help me. There are loads to choose from. I love the Calm app. There are lots of videos on You tube aswell that you can look at. You can get QBT tracks for specific things like restful sleep, anxiety, confidence so if there is something in particular that you want to address then you can find a specific audio for it.
Identify 5-10 minutes in your schedule to start with where you can do it. First thing in the morning or at bedtime are obvious ones. And find a quiet space to do it. A comfy chair, your bed, the garden. There are no rules. You just need to relax and be uninterrupted. Focus on your breath, count if it helps. You will find it hard to close off the noise chatter to start with but trust me you will get better at focusing. When you get distracted just bring your brain back to the breath. And then be kind to yourself about the fact you got distracted.
There are other ways of doing it like running for some quiet brain time, yoga or even your skincare routine. Just make a conscious effort to focus and be present in the moment. Commit yourself to QBT for a week and see how you feel.
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