The phrase “ideal client” gets banded around the business world all the time but funnily enough it was never taught to me at any practical beauty training I have attended in the last ten years. I spent years running my beauty business never effectively understanding this until I owned my bridal beauty salon. It is important to know and nail regardless of the type of business you are running, whether that be mobile, at home salon or high street salon.
If you have ever launched a new service and nobody was really interested or you find your engagement is pants on social media then its likely you need to do some work around your ideal client so you can understand what it is they want. Knowing you ideal client allows you to communicate effectively with them, create packages and services they will want to buy and most importantly work with clients that understand your vibe and fill up your energy cup rather than drain it! If you haven’t worked out your IC yet you need to set some time aside to do a proper brainstorm about them. Think about them as an actual person. Think about their lifestyle, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, income, fears, hopes and dreams and most importantly about their values.
Once you have established who they are, you can start to think about them in your business strategy. Here are three ways you can create the perfect beauty service for them:
1. Create packages and services that they will want to buy.
If you are currently offering 20 different services it’s highly likely that there will be a couple of those treatments that you do more often than others. That is a good indicator for where to start with understanding what it is your current client base is wanting. If you can see your ideal client is one of those using that service regularly then you are in a great place for building on that. If they aren’t using your services yet then its because you are not offering what they want. Are you working hours that are convenient for your ideal client? Do they want luxurious treatments and you offer basic maintenance? Do they value what you are offering? Before you introduce any other services talk to your clients to see if it is something they would want. Do some research. If you are creating packages think about how you describe and name them. If you ideal client is a busy mom who’s time and money is precious and is wanting to relax with you describe that service or package to appeal to her. For example “Momma time facial – we know your ‘you’ time is limited and precious so this 60 minute facial is designed with ultimate relaxation in mind.” A similar facial aimed at someone who parties regularly all weekend might be “Weekend recovery facial – rehydrate and nourish the skin after a party weekend. This 60 minute facial will give you a whole hour for a power nap with a fresh glowing face for the week ahead. You get the jist! If you do regular lash clients who treat themselves to keep school run makeup simple rather than full Russians for regular nights out then you will be able to work out which type of facial they may be more drawn towards. Plus its super important to stand out from the rest of the market! Creating your own versions of these treatments will definitely make you stand out and give you more flexibility on the prices you are charging.
2. Design your social media and marketing so they will want to read it
So with these new treatments in mind, think about the types of things they will want to see online. Does your tired mom client want to read about the hottest party venues and hangover cures? Does your party person want to read tips for surviving kiddie tantrums? Probably not. You need to use your social media to connect with your clients so put yourself in their shoes. What do you want to see? It’s definitely not constant before and after pictures that continually make you feel inadequate. And it’s not price lists and offers all the time. Talk about you and how you can relate to how your client feels. Share articles they will find useful. Show images of your work with stories attached to them about clients that are similar to them and how you solved a problem for them. Everyone is scrolling so quickly. They need to stop and read what you are writing. Make it interesting, relevant and important to their life and values.
3. Create an environment that she wants to be in
People remember how you make them feel. And they need to feel important, relaxed and understood when they are with you. So think about how you can do that for your ideal client. Think about the music you are playing for your tired mom or your party person. What can they smell? If they are coming for a relaxing session some lavender or ylang ylang essential oils might be perfect but if they are coming for night out makeup something uplifting like bergamot and orange may work better. What can they see? Think about any advertising materials you have around, any retail items you have on display, things they can read. If you are mobile you can still create some of this in the environment. Just give them clear instructions about creating a good work space for you when you arrive so you can create an atmosphere for them.
If they leave you feeling like you have fully committed to them and the experience they are having after connecting with your content online and booking a treatment specifically designed for them, they are going to tell all of their friends that may well just be your ideal client aswell! Referrals are your best friend and building a treatment menu where anything you do they want to book is exactly where you want to be.
To learn more about creating a body positive and inclusive experience for your clients head to and check out the sensory experience E-book and courses.
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